Chester County Beekeepers Association

CCBA Annual Summer Picnic – July 8th, 11-3 Ridley Creek State Park

Demaree method of Swarm Prevention

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The Chester County Beekeepers Association is located in Chester County, PA and is a 501(c)3 non-profit beekeeping club with nearly 400 members who share a common interest in honey bees and beekeeping. Many of our members keep bees as a hobby, but some of our members are involved in beekeeping as a sideline or main business. We are open to the public and welcome new members.

Chester County Beekeepers Association aims to:

  • Assist members in the art and science of beekeeping, including sharing effective techniques, coping with problems and challenges,
    and supporting each other in our efforts.
  • Promulgate information to the public about the valuable role of honey bees in nature and agriculture.
  • Encourage more people to become involved in beekeeping.

This site is intended to be an introduction to beekeeping for interested individuals, as well as an ongoing resource for experienced beekeepers. Please contact any of our Officers with questions or comments.


Read the Chester County Beekeepers Association Constitution Here