Bee Trivia


teeny bee


1.   How many blossoms must be visited for honey bees to produce 1 pound of honey?


1. 2 million  

2.   How many bees are in a typical beehive?


2.  In the summer, about 40,000 to 60,000  

3.  What distance do honey bees fly from a hive as they gather nectar and pollen?  


3.  Typically, about 2-3 miles per flight

4.  How long do worker bees live?

4.     6 weeks in the summer; several months
in the winter

5.  How much honey would be required to power a honey bee’s flight 25,000 miles around the world?  


5.      2 tablespoons  

6.  Is honey the most valuable contribution of honey bees?


6.      No!  Honey bee pollination is very  important  in production of half of our food supply.  

7.  What hive product has sufficient antibacterial properties as to be useful in the treatment of wounds?


7.      Honey  

8.  How many miles does a typical honey bee fly in its lifetime?


8.      500

9.  How many eggs does a queen bee lay per day?  


9.     About 1500

10.  What makes a bee buzz?


10.    Her wings flap 190 times/second

11.  How far do honey bees fly to   produce 1 pound of honey?


11.    55,000 miles