CCBA Nuc Kits

Despite it being late summer/early fall you should be thinking about NUCS now. It seems like a “next season” kind of equipment purchase, but when you need one you REALLY need one and it is always smart to have a couple on hand.

The club has excellent NUC kits available for sale, and this is the perfect time to set them aside for next season when you need to quickly react to something in your bee yard. The are handy to keep in your car too, in case you want to transport frames of bees or honey since they are light to carry around and with duct tape you can seal them safely. The kits go together in minutes, are strong and solid and are easy to store as kits or as assembled hives.

We have a limited supply of DEEPS. Included are the NUC box, bottom board and cover. They are $20 per kit.

Mediums are 2 boxes, with a bottom board and cover. They are $25 each.

If you are interested, please email Jack McMichael.

Walt Talunas has created a step by step guide for assembling the nuc boxes the club is selling.  You can download the guide below:


      Building the nuc kit