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Annual Grant Fund – 2017

The Chester County Beekeepers Association (CCBA) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit educational organization dedicated to the honey bee, beekeepers, and the environment as it affects honey bees. When possible, the CCBA awards annual grants to support like-minded individuals and organizations.

In the current cycle, up to four (4) grants will be awarded, in amounts of up to one-thousand dollars ($1,00.00). The CCBA may choose to award full amounts requested for grant projects, or partial amounts of funds requested.


Grant recipients may be CCBA members, non-members, or organizations sympathetic to the goals and objectives of the Chester County Beekeepers Association.

Grants are to be awarded on a competitive basis. Organizations or individuals for whom grants will be considered are those requesting funds for projects which best further the objectives of the CCBA. Projects should be related to charitable, scientific, or educational programs related to beekeeping practices or education of the public regarding the importance of honey bees in the environment. Preference will be given to projects occurring locally to Chester County, PA.

The objectives of the CCBA are:

  • To assist members in the art and science of beekeeping, including sharing effective techniques, coping with problems, meeting challenges, and supporting each other in our efforts;
  • To educate members about, and encourage compliance with laws pertaining to beekeeping including hive inspections and suppression of contagious diseases among honey bees;
  • To promulgate information to the public about beekeeping and the valuable role of honey bees in nature and agriculture, and;
  • To encourage more people to become involved in beekeeping.


  • Please submit a written proposal describing your project in detail, how it furthers the objectives of the CCBA, and a timeline for completion. Also, include a budget outline, and funds requested to complete your project. Proposals may be sent via e-mail to: Jack McMichael, CCBA Treasurer at


Grant Proposals shall be submitted by: April 30, 2017.

Proposals will be reviewed by the CCBA Grant Committee¹ as appointed by the CCBA Officers. Recommendations will then be made by the Committee at the May, 2017 CCBA meeting, to be voted on by the general membership in attendance for approval. Funds for approved projects will be awarded by May 31, 2017.

In that event that no projects are found to meet the grant criteria, or if no projects are approved by the general CCBA membership, no awards will be given for this grant cycle.

The Chester County Beekeepers Association retains the authority to withhold and/or recover grant funds in the event such funds are, or appear to be misused.

Final Report

Awardees will be required to make a final report of their project before the end of calendar year 2017. Reports may be made in written form, with permission to publish in the CCBA Newsletter, and/or as a presentation at a CCBA monthly meeting.


  1. Current CCBA Grant Committee Members are:
    1. Jack McMichael – CCBA Treasurer
    2. Bernadette Soltis
    3. Bob Angelo
    4. Carol Stanley

 Download a copy of the 2017 Grant document HERE