Elections for the new CCBA Board of Directors


At the monthly meeting on Saturday, October 14, 2017, by unanimous vote of eligible members in attendance, the proposed amendment to the CCBA Constitution was approved, and is therefore now in effect. The most significant change enacted with this amendment is that we will now be installing a seven member Board of Directors to guide the future of our Association.

Elections for the new CCBA Board of Directors is scheduled to take place at our next monthly meeting on Thursday evening, November 9, 2017 at the West Whiteland Township meeting (address). As stated in the amended Constitution, the November meeting shall be designated as our Annual Meeting. But before we can have the elections, we need to have candidates! For this initial election, we need to elect:

  • Three Directors to 3-year terms of office;
  • Two Directors to 2-year terms of office, and;
  • Two Directors to 1-year terms of office.

One of the seven Directors must be an outside (non-CCBA member) Director. Note that all Board members will be covered by $1,000,000 per occurrence, $2,000,000 per year of liability insurance for their role on the Board of Directors. The current CCBA Officers, through the nominating committee led by Keith Jardine and Warren Graham will be putting forth their recommended slate of candidates for the Board, but other candidates are both welcomed and encouraged.

For a prospective candidate to be added to the ballot, a completed “Chester County Beekeepers Association Board of Director Nomination Form” in their name must be submitted to the Association Secretary before the Annual Meeting is called to order. The Nomination Form must bear the names and signatures of five (5) CCBA Members in good standing. A copy of the Nomination Form can be found here.

Although the completed Nomination Forms do not need to be turned in to the CCBA Secretary until just before the Annual Meeting is called to order, it will help facilitate and expedite the election process if individuals who intend to have their names submitted as nominees notify the Secretary of their intention to run for a Directorship as soon as possible. Doing so sooner than later will also allow us to help inform both the nominee and the voting members of important information that will aide them in the election process.

At the Annual Meeting, each Director candidate should be prepared to make a brief presentation (no more than two minutes in length) providing some information on their background, beekeeping experience (if any), what they can bring to the CCBA Board, and their goals for the organization. Having this information for each candidate will allow our voting members to make a more informed decision in voting for the group of candidates who will be best positioned to lead the CCBA in the years to come. For any candidate who cannot be present for the November 9, Annual Meeting, a form has been created to provide this information so that we can share it with the membership at the meeting, prior to the vote. The form is also available upon request for any prospective candidate.

With over three-hundred and eighty Primary CCBA Members, we have a lot of great people with good ideas and leadership skills. It is time for some of those individuals to step up and get involved in the Association leadership. The newly created Board of Directors is a perfect and convenient way to do so without a burdensome commitment of time and energy.

If you are ready to be a part of the group that leads the CCBA into the future, or if you know of someone who you feel would be a valuable and responsible member of the CCBA Board of Directors, please let us know by submitting the prospective candidate’s name via e-mail to: secretary@chescobees.org as soon as possible.

More details on the role and responsibility of the Board of Directors can be found here.


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