Lecture on Garden Plants for Honey Bees by Peter Lindtner

edited bookGarden Plants for Honey Bees By Peter Lindtner

This is the first major book on floral sources for honey bees in almost 100 years, the old “bible” being Lovell’s 1926 Honey Plants of North America.

Would you like to choose plants that provide good pollinator forage? Would you like help selecting flowers that will help honey bees?

The author of a book entitled Garden Plants for Honey Bees, Mr. Lindtner (longtime CCBA member) shares the results of over 35 years of research combing his three passions, horticulture, apiculture and photography. Taken in the Southeastern Pennsylvania and Delaware region, his superb floral photographs are backed with botanical and common plant names as well as photographs and scanning electron micrographs of their pollen grains. Importantly for those of us seeking advice on the best plants for pollinators, each plant is rated for its attractiveness as a nectar and separately as a pollen source.

Having studied at the University of Delaware and at Purdue University, Mr. Lindtner holds Masters degrees in both Plant Science and Horticulture. At the University of Delaware, he investigated honey bee collected pollen. Mr. Lindtner is a long time beekeeper, having started at the age of 13.