CCBA Forum on Facebook

The club is pleased to announce the new
CCBA Facebook Group:
 CCBA Forum

Why wait a whole month between meetings to talk with fellow club members?

Share photos, videos, current web events, ask questions, learn, give advice, share experience, mentor, sell equipment, buy equipment, anything and everything beekeeping.

This new Facebook platform is private group restricted to CCBA members – a member benefit. The intent is a meeting place to ask questions, discuss challenges, find solutions, and interact with members, drawing on their skills and experience.  Using this new platform, members will be able to take better advantage of their CCBA membership.

   This club is our hive.

We need a hive mentality to do our part as individual workers to contribute and participate.  To learn as much as we can, to teach as much as we can, and to share as much as we can to benefit our colony of club members, our bees and this fascinating hobby we all love.  There is something to learn from everyone.

The club member forum can be reached by clicking  HERE.  This link will prompt you to sign in if you already are on Facebook and if not you can create an account using a mobile phone number or email address.

If you have any troubles finding the group,  joining or setting up an account please email Justin Shiffler: (Justin Shiffler on Facebook)  for help.

 At the December meeting, Justin Shiffler will be giving a live demo on using this new club learning asset. If someone would like to volunteer setting up their own new Facebook account right there at the meeting it would be a great teaching tool for the rest.

Many thanks to Justin for putting this new private forum platform together.  A special thank you to Michael Langer in planting the seed for the idea!