Other Bees and Wasps


Yellowjackets are beneficial insects. They pollinate some flowers that honeybees ignore and they capture insects to feed their larvae. They seem to be relatively passive for most of the summer, allowing us to walk and mow over their nests. In autumn they become more defensive. While Pennsylvania has about ten species of yellowjacket, the one most likely to attend our picnics is a species that arrived from Europe a hundred years ago. This one, Vespula germanica, the German yellowjacket, will sometimes ride right into our mouths on a sandwich. Yellowjackets seek protein (bits of a dead animal) and sugar (from a soda can or a flower). To reduce our contacts with yellowjackets, we can bathe (so we don’t smell dead!) and avoid wearing scented cosmetics. (by Tim Sterrett)
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Yellowjackets and Paper Wasps
(by Peter J. Landolt and Arthur L. Antonelli)