Beginners Beekeeping Training Series

2017 Beekeeping Beginner Training Series

This learning series will begin with the upcoming April 8th meeting and run through October. This monthly lesson format will offer many advantages to the new beekeepers.  Students will see and experience a colony’s progression through a beekeeping season. We will be working with both overwintered and new package installation colonies. What one sees and experiences in the club yard colonies should likewise be seen at home.

Tentative topics include:

  • April 8th- hive construction and placement,  installing package bees, feeding bees, lighting a smoker, and using a hive tool.
  • May 13th- hive inspection, checking the brood nest, finding eggs, larvae, capped brood, stored polled, what are bees bringing in, checking for swarm cells and adding supers.
  • May 27th  (makeup class for May 13th)
  • June 3rd (makeup class for May 13th)
  • June 10th– hive inspections, swarm prevention, capturing a swarm, mite testing and monitoring.
  • July 8th – no class – but please plan on attending the CCBA picnic where there is a wealth of information shared among beekeepers of goodwill!  Plus great food, a photo contest and family fun.
  • August 12th – mite testing, monitoring and treatment, extracting honey, preparing for fall hive management.
  • September 9th, mite testing, monitoring and treatment, fall feeding, candy boards, re-queening and preparing for winter.
  • October 14th – mouse guards, winter preparation, hive wrapping, cluster movement, assessing adequate honey stores.

Class topics may change with the needs of the students, the conditions of the season, and the situation discovered in working the hives.  This is in fact, the purpose of this kind of course; we respond to what our colony needs.

Where- The CCBA club yard located on the ChesLen Nature Preserve grounds.  The yard address is 650 Brandywine Drive, West Chester, PA

When – 1:00pm to 3:30pm just following the regular Saturday monthly meetings held at the ChesLen property pavilion located at 1199 Cannery road, Coatesville, PA.

(Note – though one sees two towns above , West Chester and Coatesville, the two sites are within a few short miles of each other)

Cost – $15 per session. A subscription for the entire 6 lesson series may be purchased for $75.

Club membership is required, find out about CCBA membership HERE.

Class Size will be limited to 30

Text Book – “The Backyard Beekeeper” by Kim Flottum. Kim is the longtime editor of Bee Culture Magazine and this is a very popular text worthy of any beekeeper’s bookshelf. All major bee supply houses carry the book and it can be easily found at Amazon.

Required Equipment – Protective gear – Students must bring a beekeeper hood with veil and beekeeper gloves and wear sturdy footwear to each class.  No exceptions.

Gloves will be disinfected before being allowed in the club hives, to prevent spread of disease from hive to hive. We will be working in several hives, and possibly working at times of less than ideal weather and nectar flow conditions, so students should consider investing in beekeeping jackets and pants.

Students are asked to bring a folding chair for use in class.

Club Hive tools will be supplied.

Plan on bringing your smoker to an early class as we will give hands-on instruction for lighting and maintaining a good burn.

There are no bathroom facilities at the Apiary.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the courses.  We are happy to help.  email us at: