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2023 CCBA Annual Picnic

The 2023 Annual Picnic was a great success! Thanks to all who attended and brought a dish to share. 

Good food and good times. 

(Photos taken by Donna Helgenberg)

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

September Colony Management
1. Feed, Feed, Feed (find out on the next Friday Night Bee Chat why this is a good practice)

2. Sample for varroa, treat, sample again. Use the Honey Bee Health Coalition's Varroa Management Decision Tool to guide you on what treatment to use.

3. Install mouse guards.

4. Reduce boxes, take honey supers and queen excluders off.


This Course is open to currently active Primary and/or Associate CCBA members. This course is only offered as an in-person course.

The 8-class course has already started so you will need to register for the individual classes from now to October. Each class will focus on what your bees should be doing at that time of year, and what management practices you need to then apply to help your bees survive and thrive.

The hive work will be held outdoors and the lecture/discussion indoor in semi-heated spaces. Dress appropriately and bring your own chair and bee suit.

This in-person course will be 6 pm - 8:30 pm on 1st Tuesday of the month at Bondsville Mill Park: 1647 Bondsville Rd, Downingtown, PA 19335.

Pull in parking lot, walk across bridge, classroom is in the brown stone building on your right, YOU NEED TO BRING A FOLDING CHAIR AND BEE SUIT, Apiary is past the stone building about 100 feet.


REGISTER HERE. Beginner's Course- SINGLE CLASS ($15)

The Objectives of the Association

To assist members in the art and science of beekeeping, including sharing effective techniques, coping with problems, meeting challenges, and supporting each other in our efforts;  To educate members about and encourage compliance with laws pertaining to beekeeping, including inspection and suppression of contagious diseases among honey bees;  To promulgate information to the public about beekeeping and the valuable role of honey bees in nature and agriculture;  To encourage more people to become involved in beekeeping.

Summer Monthly Meeting Location (May - October)

ChesLen Preserve - outside pavillion
1199 Cannery Road
Coatsville, PA

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Apprentice and Mentoring Programs

One of the best ways to learn how best to keep your bees alive is to work with someone who has done it over many seasons.  The CCBA has 2 programs that are available to help you achieve sustainability.

The Apprentice Program - FULL
**Requires CCBA membership before enrolling**

If you are a new beekeeper who is thinking about getting bees or who has not been able to overwinter a hive, the apprentice program maybe right for you.  You will be paired up with an experienced beekeeper (teacher) who you will work with at the teacher's apiary twice a month for an entire bee season.  Upon satisfactory completion of the program, the apprentice will get a CCBA nuc the following spring. The cost for this program is $120.

The Mentoring Program

If you are looking for some intermittent advice from an experienced beekeeper, the mentoring program maybe right for you.  Have someone who will answer your questions or may stop out at your apiary to see what is going on.  This program does not have a cost and there is no incentives from the CCBA for participation.

Walt Talunas is the lead of both the apprentice and the mentoring programs. If you are interested in being either an apprentice or teacher in the apprentice program or mentor or mentee in the mentoring program please contact Walt.

Questions? Contact: