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The Chester County Beekeepers Association is located in Chester County, Pennsylvania
We are a 501(c)3 non-profit beekeeping club with membership open to the public.

We have approximately 500 members, who share a common interest in honey bees and beekeeping. Many of our members keep bees as a hobby, but some of our members are involved in beekeeping as a sideline or main business.

Chester County Beekeepers Association aims to:

  • Assist members in the art and science of beekeeping, including sharing effective techniques, coping with problems and challenges,
    and supporting each other in our efforts.
  • Promulgate information to the public about the valuable role of honey bees in nature and agriculture.
  • Encourage more people to become involved in beekeeping.

This site is intended to be an introduction to beekeeping for interested individuals, as well as an ongoing resource for experienced beekeepers.